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Free Form Live Radio by R. Paul Martin and Pickles of the North. Free Form Live Radio: a radio sculpture done in real time using found objects.

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Back of the Book

I had planned to do an archive blurb in the back area of CCNY, if they hadn't removed the lone computer yet. But that area was infested with flies! Large, annoying flies. Pickles of the North had had enough with the couple of flies that we'd had to deal with all through the program, so we didn't even try to do anything back there. I'll try to get a full archive blurb up here before the end of this weekend.

Saturday August 30, 2014 5:00am1 hour59 Download
 Saturday August 23, 2014 5:00am1 hour52 Download
Back of the Book

A lot of this program was devoted to R. Paul's reminiscence of the guy he'd known as Little John Basso 42 years ago who turned out to be John Wojtowicz who became famous for trying, and failing, to rob a bank. There's a movie coming out about Little John, and the publicity around it has sparked some old memories.

We have had another death of a past WBAI producer this fortnight. Steve Post, former free-form live radio producer and General Manager of WBAI has passed away at age 70. Steve Post started out as the bookkeeper at WBAI, and it turned out that he couldn't do that job at all. So he was put on the air and then made General Manager of the radio station. Yes, we cherish our traditions here at WBAI. The station has a memorial Web page for Steve Post.

We spoke a little bit about the Ebola outbreak in west Africa. Ebola had been a village killer, now it's spreading to more densely populated areas. The World Health Organization (WHO) is reporting that there are now 2,127 cases of the deadly disease known in west Africa, but the WHO is also saying that, "the numbers of reported cases and deaths vastly underestimate the magnitude of the outbreak." The WHO expects that the outbreak will continue for another six months. This could give it more of a chance to spread around the world. Not good news.

We talked a little bit about our visits to Coney Island this past fortnight. We talked about boulders being brought to the site of the community garden that was obliterated there some months ago. Pickles of the North reported on the windows on the upper floors of the landmarked Shore movie theater and hotel being removed, along with the window frames. There is speculation about who is doing this and why.

We talked about not getting any new snail mail. Pickles, who's been looking through it all for the past four programs, thinks that there has not been a new batch of mail dumped in Master Control since the initial one early in July. Correspondents are encouraged to use E-mail to contact us. We may need to find another solution for snail mail.

We talked about the big news story this past fortnight where a company claimed that Russian hackers had stolen over 1.2 billion passwords and more than 400,000 E-mail addresses. In the media that do not bother with things like critical thinking this was reported along with advice to change all passwords. We've looked into this a bit and there is a possibility that this alleged massive hack never happened.

Meanwhile, the USB malware exploit on the firmware of USB flash drives that we talked about on the last program was demonstrated at the Black Hat USA 2014 conference this past fortnight. It looks like the Universal Serial Bus is going to have to be hardened against such hacks.

I now have 35 followers on Twitter. I'd gotten back up to 33 this past fortnight, and then two more seem to have followed after they'd read that I was going to talk about Little John. We'll take new followers any way we can get them!

Saturday August 16, 2014 5:00am1 hour45 Download
 Saturday August 9, 2014 5:00am1 hour38 Download
Back of the Book

So when we got here we found that a "new" computer had been installed in the back area at CCNY. It says it's from the WBAI Engineering Department. Of course we no longer have an Engineering Department at WBAI, but then there's a note on this computer from 2008, saying that it's a "test CPU." I'm using it to type up this archive blurb.

This was another of those pitching programs so beloved by all of you, and by us. I don't think we raised any money. We pitched, and we didn't get all that much radio program in, but I suppose that we may as well have just done a regular program, for all the money we raised.

So we talked about going to Coney Island twice in this past fortnight. The second time we were joined by our own Uncle Sidney Smith. Uncle Sidney rode on the B&B Carousell (sic) with Pickles of the North. I will probably do a Web page about that excursion.

We talked about two former WBAI producers who have died this past fortnight.

Margot Adler had been WBAI's News Director back in the '70s. She also started the programs Unstuck in Time and Hour of the Wolf with Jim Freund. She went to NPR in 1979. WBAI has a memorial page for Margot Adler. Ms. Adler died of cancer, she was 68.

Eddie Ellis produced On the Count, a program about prison issues, at WBAI for years. He was a former member of the Black Panther Party. He was incarcerated for 25 years for a murder he always maintained that he hadn't committed. WBAI has a memorial page for Eddie Ellis. Mr. Ellis died of a heart attack, he was 72.

Apropos of our troubles getting here for the last program, the Straphangers Campaign has come out with its ratings for the city's subway lines. The #7 train was at the top of the list. At the bottom was the #2 train. Can you guess which of those trains we take to get to WBAI's studio at CCNY?

We talked about the largest Ebola outbreak ever, which is currently going on in western Africa. Ebola is a terrible disease with a very high mortality rate. This is a serious health hazard, and not just for the people in western Africa. In the past it has killed most of the people in villages it has hit, now it's spreading to more densely populated areas. The Ebola virus showed up in America some years ago when it was discovered that a shipment of macaque monkeys had infected several people at a facility in Reston, Virginia. But Ebola Reston, as it was called, turned out to be a mutation of the deadly Ebola Zaire, and it made some people mildly ill while producing no symptoms in others.

We talked about the group Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) taking over a chemical weapons storage facility and a nuclear materials storage facility in Iraq. They have also captured Surface to Air Missiles (SAMs) now. Yeah, they've shown by their mass murdering of those who differ from them in religious views that they're the kind of people who might use what their newly acquired weapons to kill a lot of people.

We talked about a new threat to users of computers and USB flash drives. Two researchers have found a way to infect the firmware of a USB flash drive with malware. The firmware is what makes the USB flash drive work, it can't be erased and in most cases it can't even be seen by the computer user. Without the firmware the USB flash drive can't work at all. The researchers plan to have a proof-of-concept demonstration of their discovery next week. This sort of exploit could really cause problems. USB flash drives are the new floppy disks, how can we get along without them?

I still have 32 followers on Twitter. I'd gotten up to the staggering figure of 33 at some point this past fortnight, but one of them dropped out. Onward and upward!

Saturday August 2, 2014 5:00am1 hour31 Download
 Saturday July 26, 2014 5:00am1 hour24 Download
Back of the Book

We got in late for this program. The MTA sprang some sudden track work on us and we had to take a long route to get in, which also took a much longer time than usual. For those who lust after more details, the full story is here.

When we did finally get to the studios we found that the computers were all gone from the back area at CCNY. We still await an announcement from Management about this. Meanwhile, we have some photographs of what's left here.

So in the time we had left we talked about the apparent shoot-down of Malaysian Airlines flight MH17. Almost 300 people died when that passenger plane was shot down. Of course we ultimately blame Vladimir Putin for this tragic loss of life. He's the one whose empire building ambitions are fueling the attempt to take over Ukraine.

We were able to talk briefly about the killing of Eric Garner by police who were arresting him and who put him in a choke hold, which is banned by the NYPD for precisely the reason that you can kill someone so easily with it, especially if you have a total of five cops jumping on the guy while the choke hold is being applied.

We talked a bit about the Supreme Court ruling that essentially gives corporations religious rights that trump the rights of individual human beings! This looks so much like the thin end of a very bad wedge. It opens everyone up to some really fast dealing by corporations. What if some corporation decides to start its own religion? Oh, hold on, the Roman Catholic Church and the Church of Scientology have already done that, to name an old and a new instance of corporate religions. Must we appeal to Xenu?

President Obama is reportedly going to sign an executive order on Monday prohibiting federal contractors from discriminating on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity. So we talked about that good development a bit. We've also heard that he is not going to give anti-gay bigots an out with some idiotic “religious exemption” loophole that negates the entire order.

We talked about the Apollo 11 Moon landing 45 years ago tomorrow. Pickles talked about seeing it on TV, and running outside to look up at the Moon and letting the idea sink in that people were up there on the Moon right then. R. Paul talked about hearing about the Moon landing after it had happened, when he listened to his transistor radio during a lunch break at a rail-head named Ho Nai. No Moon up in R. Paul's sky for that event.

We'll be pitching on the next program, so we hope that folks will call in and pledge.

R. Paul now has a grand total of 32 followers on Twitter, a new record! You can become a follower on Twitter too just by clicking on the button below.

Saturday July 19, 2014 5:00am1 hour17 Download
Saturday Morning With the Radio OnSaturday July 12, 2014 5:00am1 hour10 Download
Back of the Book

We were here live for this one, all right. And we talked about why we weren't here the last time.

During much of this program Pickles of the North was rooting about among the boxes of mail that Management has sent from the Management bunker in Brooklyn to the basement studio of WBAI at CCNY. Some of the mail that's been placed in Master Control is from the Fall of 2013. Anyway, R. Paul thinks he's not getting all of his mail that's sent to the 388 Atlantic Ave. address.

We talked about another problem, besides the repression of women's reproductive freedom, with the Supreme Court decision in the Burwell v Hobby Lobby case. The really broad issue addressed in that decision is that corporations now have these new religious rights. Wow, that can get tricky rapidly. I expect it will, too.

R. Paul talked about his other mail problem, this one's with the Post Office. He bought something in May and the package was listed as delivered on the USPS tracking Web site. But it never was delivered. The people at the Post Office said that it looked like it should be in the local Post Office somewhere, but they could never find it. they also could never call back to confirm anything as they'd said they would. And then the package got sent back to the vendor. Looks like they found it. In reality the truck driver never even tried to deliver it. The degradation of infrastructure like the postal service is surely the harbinger of the collapse of a society.

We talked about the Great Northern Trip, which is what took us away from New York for the last program. We visited Pickles' parents up at the North Pole for their 60th wedding anniversary. R. Paul found that he is a really bad photographer, with most of his photographs on the trip coming out blurry, some very blurry. But at least the customs inspectors didn't hassle us on this trip.

This was our annual Christopher Street Liberation Day program. Yeah, the march was six days ago, but this is when we got on the air. We talked about the march, and getting there late and having to catch up to the bisexual contingent. We had a one minute interview with Barbie, one of the participants. And we played the traditional musical piece at the end of this segment.

R. Paul now has 31 followers on Twitter. Better to gain two than lose two.

Saturday July 5, 2014 5:00am1 hour3 Download
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