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Free Form Live Radio by R. Paul Martin and Pickles of the North. Free Form Live Radio: a radio sculpture done in real time using found objects.

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Back of the Book

This program definitely set the record for the shortest Back of the Book radio show ever!

We got in late. What happened was that our usual train came by early. We got to see its red tail lights and that was about it.

We leave two hours before air time. This allows us to get to the studio on time, or close to it, even if we miss our usual train.

Well, two hours was not enough this morning.

The train got us to the 96th St. station, and we saw from the count down clock how long we had before the #1 train arrived. We could still make it. After a bit we noticed that the count down clock was not counting down. And then it just said "delay" for that #1 train. We watched it stay stuck on "delay" for at least 10 minutes. At that point we figured that we'd be late, but we were hopeful that we'd be only a couple of minutes late.

Eventually the count down clock showed a number again. This number was higher than the one we'd seen when we'd gotten to 96th almost half an hour earlier! The count down continued, but it would get stuck on a number for a while. It was stuck on "2 minutes" for at least five minutes. By now it was after five o'clock, we were supposed to be on the air already and we were still stuck at 96th St.!

The count down clock eventually hit "0 minutes," and the voice announcement said that the train was entering the station. It was a couple of minutes before we started to wonder where exactly that train was entering that station. The count down clock said "0 minutes" for quite a while. We noticed there were subway workers in their reflective vests walking back and forth, carrying tools and lanterns, on the platform.

It was quite a while before we saw the train's headlights on the wall of the station. And then it was a while longer till the actual front of the train came into the station, but that's all that came in, the very front of the train. It halted for a while. It came in a little more. And as we watched the train get about the first three cars into the station we heard a resounding "BOOM!" from it. Thousands of tons of steel were reverberating from something that had happened. The train stayed where it was. After a bit there was a general announcement that there were delays owing to a signal problem at 96th St. Yeah, the train's emergency brakes had been thrown, whether by the faulty signal or something else we'll never know.

Eventually the brake problem got fixed and the train came fully into the station and opened its doors. We got on and came to CCNY at the usual pace after that.

We'd like to thank Simon Loekle for filling in while we were not here. We did a very short radio program. We scrapped the larger bits we'd planned. Pickles of the North talked about a lunar eclipse that will occur on this coming Tuesday morning. R. Paul talked about some shorter items, including creationists complaining that they can't get equal time on Cosmos, a guy who's fessed up that he didn't really have the corpse of a Bigfoot he'd shot, and the sad story of a man who allowed a hyena to eat some very sensitive parts of him because a witch doctor told him that would make him rich.

Well, in no time at all the 20+ minutes we had left before 6:00 AM were gone. We've spent so much more time hanging around on subway platforms this morning than doing radio.

Saturday April 12, 2014 5:00am1 hour53 Download
Saturday Morning With the Radio OnSaturday April 5, 2014 5:00am1 hour46 Download
Back of the Book

Once again I'm feeling wrecked after this program. So I'll get this archive blurb done some time later. I'll hope that I get to it really soon. And we'll tell the tale of the interesting subway ride and how the cause of the extra delays put rushing to get to the studios on time in perspective.

Saturday March 29, 2014 5:00am1 hour39 Download
Saturday Morning With the Radio OnSaturday March 22, 2014 5:00am1 hour32 Download
Back of the Book

This was an unusual program in that neither R. Paul nor Pickles of the North was in the studio. R. Paul has been quite ill for the past eight days, and he's not better yet, so Pickles said she'd sit on him if he tried to take the two hour train ride to CCNY to do this program in the usual way.

So R. Paul and Uncle Sidney Smith talked a bit on the phone and then Sidney took over for the rest of the program.

R. Paul did make the point, following on to his talk on the last program about the parallels between what Vladimir Putin is doing in Ukraine and what Hitler did in central Europe in 1938, that the proposed election to be held to see if the population of Crimea would like to be a part of Russia is exactly like the Anschluss where Nazi Germany annexed Austria, and then held a plebiscite to see if the conquered Austrian people approved of the annexation. No surprise, in 1938, the Nazis claimed to have gotten 99.7561% of the vote in favor of the annexation. Putin will hope for a similar margin of victory from the citizens of occupied Ukraine.

We're sorry about not being able to be there this time around, but we're hoping to be in decent health for the next program, which should air on March 29.

Saturday March 15, 2014 5:00am1 hour25 Download
Saturday Morning With the Radio OnSaturday March 8, 2014 5:00am1 hour18 Download
Back of the Book

Oh, it was another pitching program. Yeah, they're annoying, but they're also absolutely necessary. And if you think they're annoying to hear on the air, think about how annoying it must be to actually have to do them!

UPDATE: Our official tally for this program was $450. Thanks to all who pledged.

I prattled on about how I may actually be retired now. I can't get the Social Security Web site to confirm that I'm retired now, but someone called and we talked. He tried to talk me into some crap, but I said I wasn't buying. We'll see what happens next, I suppose.

We talked about the latest LSB meeting, with all the usual contentions and one faction operative freaking out.

We talked about the bitcoin exchange site Mt. Gox collapsing. We talked about bitcoins themselves. Pickles of the North said she thinks that bitcoins are pretty sketchy. She's right. Mt. Gox wasn't the first bitcoin exchange to collapse, resulting in clients losing all or most of the bitcoins they'd accumulated. Maybe bitcoins would be most appropriately used to buy castles in the air.

We talked about the analysis that is showing that some very tiny zircon crystals found in Australia are about 4.4 billion years old, not much less older than the Earth itself. These crystals indicate that the Earth cooled off enough to develop a crust earlier than scientists had thought. This raises the question of whether or not life began around then. Of course had it started around then it would have been wiped out by one of the subsequent huge impacts that melted and rearranged the Earth's crust.

We did talk about that stupid bill that was passed in Arizona, Senate Bill 1062, which I'm glad to say was finally vetoed by the Governor of that state this week. That thing wasn't just anti-gay, it was anti Constitution! They called it the Religious Freedom Act, but in reality it would have been a violation of religious liberties. It would have allowed people to discriminate on the basis of their religious ideas, and that could start applying to more than gay people. Well, Arizona has some real troglodytes in its legislature.

We drew some parallels between the current crisis in the Ukraine and a certain dictator in the 1930s, who ratcheted back the oppression for the Olympics and then insisted on occupying a nearby nation-state on the pretense that some of his fellow ethnics were living there.

We did pitch and we raised some amount of dough. We'll probably find out how much next week. Thanks to all who pledged.

We talked about our electric bill. It's suddenly huge! The cost per kilowatt hour has sky rocketed over the past couple of months. Apparently the cost of the natural gas they use to generate the electricity is what's at the root of these crazy prices. We're paying almost twice as much as we were paying only two months ago.

Hey, I've got 23 followers on Twitter. Wowee!

Saturday March 1, 2014 5:00am1 hour11 Download
Saturday Morning With the Radio OnSaturday February 22, 2014 5:00am1 hour4 Download
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